“ Keep Your Family In Full Swing Even When
Everybody Else Is Down With The Flu Or Common Cold”

Let’s face it, you are constantly exposed to common viruses. There is nothing you can do about it. However, you can drastically influence the impact of those viruses on your health and well-being. Don’t accept that the flu and common cold is something you have to suffer from time to time. Stop this misery and keep yourself and your entire family in full swing regardless of the weather or season.

These 5 easy tips will help you to drastically reduce the number of times you are down with the flu or common cold.

Tip No 1:
Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
They will provide you with important nutrients, mainly vitamins, needed to increase your ability to win the fight against common viruses. You need to obtain these nutrients in natural form. Studies have shown that naturally occurring vitamins outperform any laboratory-synthesized supplement. Two factors are responsible for this:

  • vitamins of natural origin have a higher biological activity than supplements
  • vitamins of natural origin are never isolated, but in a highly complex and interactive relationship with hundreds of other nutrients and substances

Keep in mind, that vitamins are very sensitive and can easily lose their biological activity. Once they have lost it, they will be of little help to you. Therefore try to eat those fruits and vegetables fresh or freshly squeezed (and choose whenever possible organic produce).

The following fruits and vegetables are particularly helpful for improving your ability to fend off viral attacks.



Citrus Fruits

Tip No 2:
Drink plenty of water.
The way to tell whether you are drinking enough water is to observe your urine color. If it is close to clear instead of deep yellow your liquid intake is adequate. You can also calculate your optimum liquid intake by multiplying your bodyweight with 30 ml (e.g. 60 kg x 30 ml = 1.8 l/day).

The water has mainly two benefits for your health:

  • it flushes out your body, removing everything your body
    wants to get rid off
  • it re-hydrates your body, which is critical for your well-being.

Stop drinking water 30 minutes before a meal and wait for 2 hours after a meal. This will prevent that the water dilutes your digestive juices.

Tip No 3:
Supplement your diet with biological active bioflavonoids.

If such bioflavonoids are always present in your body, you have an additional weapon to fight viral attacks. This is critical. Your immune system is not always capable to win against invading viruses. This may be the result of a pro-longed period of stress you have been exposed to (ever wondered why you suffer the flu or common cold often before an important meeting or at the start of your holidays?) or that the immune system has to fight other invaders. You need to have a ‘back-up’ solution and you want to have a powerful one.

The most powerful one comes from the beehive and is called bee propolis. An amazing substance, rich in bioflavonoids, and now available for the first time ever with its full biological value still intact. If you are serious about keeping the flu and common cold away, you must have a closer look at the outstanding properties of the new Wax Green Propolis in gel capsules.

Tip No 4:
Sleep more than 7 hours per night.
Even you are passive during your sleep, your body does some very important ‘maintenance work’ for you, like:

  • re-vitalizing your cells
  • re-charging your vital organs and your immune system
  • re-charging your ability to think clearly

Studies say that adults need 7 9 hours sleep per night. If you accumulate a sleep deficit, you will not only feel tired, but also your immune system will work less efficient. You will be considerable more susceptible to the constant exposure to viruses.

If you are not able to sleep 7 9 hours per day, you really should supplement your diet with biological active bioflavonoids in order to compensate for a weaker immune system.

Tip No 5:
Think positive and keep an optimistic view on your life’s situations.

The brain’s positive thoughts patterns stimulate the release of interleukins leaders in the immune response against viral attacks. Your mind and your immune system talk to each other. Your encouraging thoughts will bring the best out from your immune system. Keep always in mind that your reaction to the first signs of the flu or common cold (fever, sore throat and fatigue) should be something like:


“I am sure my immune system and the amazing bioflavonoids from Wax Green-Propolis will easily win the fight against these viruses. I am going to stay healthy!"

Source: Bonatrium