Wax Green Premium Line Honey

Premium Line is Wax Green’s latest release, a collection of six medicinal honeys packaged in glass cups exclusively designed for reuse. We chose six different nectar sources from which the extracted honey has specific medicinal properties. Each honey carries the aroma and medicinal qualities of plants visited by bees. Orange blossom honey, eucalyptus honey, cipó-uva honey, assa-peixe honey, wild honey and honey with royal jelly, have been carefully chosen for you to discover the enormous benefits honey can bring to your daily life.

Honey is energetic, antioxidant, antibacterial and has scar healing properties. Unlike processed sugars, it does not cause a sudden spike in blood sugar. Honey is an exceptional cough suppressant too. In research conducted at Pennsylvania State University in 2014 with 105 children who had a persistent cough, researchers concluded that honey was more efficient in calming a cough than syrups produced with dextromethorphan. Honey also helps regenerate tissues. Research reported by French magazine Revue de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologique, 1993, shows 40 different tests with honey on wounds. The authors concluded that honey was effective in tissue recovery in 88% of the respective cases.

But honey goes way beyond! In addition to being a source of antioxidants and having antibacterial activity, can any type of sugar prevent cognitive decline and dementia in the elderly? Can any type of sugar burn fat while we sleep? None, other than honey! Why? Because honey is an intelligent sugar! Amazingly, most people do not realize that this gift of Nature may be one of our greatest allies for a long and healthy life.

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