More than a motto, a constant practice.

Wax Green considers quality a continued pursuit for the total satisfaction of its clients. We work tirelessly for our products to possess attributes which differentiate them from others.

We are determined in the search for excellence in all stages of the production chain, starting with rigorous choice of the source of raw material. Our Propolis are chosen in apiaries localized in areas with native vegetation in the south part of Minas Gerais state and western part of São Paulo where bushes of Rosmarinus Officinalis/Rosemary are predominant. Propolis from these regions is considered the best in the world, rich in Flavonoids and Fenolics, active substances which provide greater therapeutic response from the human organism.

For the extraction and industrialization of raw material, we utilize safe, 100% natural processing methods. We employ a team of highly specialized technicians who guarantee the efficiency of processes and the efficacy of our products.

We count on the support of Superbom, an enterprise with 80 years of tradition producing and commercializing high quality products in the apicultural market.

Wax Green carries on microbiological and physical/chemical laboratorial tests in its own laboratory, as well as at UNESP – University of São Paulo State Laboratories, not only to fulfill our client’s demands, but also to stay in conformance to the requirements of the most rigorous quality standards of regulatory organs.

All Wax Green Export Propolis are bottled in green flasks identifiable by a Wax Green logo in high relief at the bottom of the flask as well as the holographic stamp in 3D applied to the label. This is your guarantee of consuming the genuine Ultra Green, Premium Quality Brazilian Propolis.

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