Propolis Capsules 75 – (Nº70)


Package Description:

No. 70 – Cartridge with 3 blisters with 10 x 400mg capsules
No. 71 – Flask with 120 x 400mg capsules

Ingredients: Propolis extract in oily solution

Dry Propolis Extract: 25%

Propolis Capsules 75 was idealized  for consumers who prize the medicinal properties of Propolis but resent its strong flavor, a fact that is especially true for children. For this reason they are available in smaller sizes and each capsule equals 10 drops of Propolis easily absorbed by the organism.

Benefits: Helps the body fight respiratory tract infections; is an excellent co-adjuvant in treating gastric ulcers; it is diuretic and eases bowel mobility. Continued use of Propolis supports the immune system and maximizes health and wellness of consumers of all ages.

Suggested use: 

Children: 3 capsules daily

Note: for maximum results it should be taken 20 minutes before meals with an empty stomach. It can be taken along with multivitamin complex.

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