Wax-Free Blue 35 Propolis


Wax-Free Blue 35 Propolis has been formulated for daily use as support for the immune system. For this reason it has lower dry extract content. It can be induced directly in the throat with the dropper, or diluted in water or fruit juice. Wax-Free Blue 35 is ideal for general health maintenance and, equally, a turbo-booster to the immune system of individuals with chronic diseases. Recent research indicates that daily consumption of small doses of Propolis promotes cardiovascular protection and reduces oxidative stress in cells caused by free radicals. People with a family history of cancer can enjoy the daily protection offered by Wax-Free Blue 35 in the prevention of this disease.

Dry Propolis Extract: 18%

Suggested Use:
General health: 5 drops, diluted in water or fruit juice, 2 times a day
Chronic cases: 10 drops, diluted in water or fruit juice, 2 times a day

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