Propolis Silver Spray


Propolis Silver is an oral spray designed to be sprayed directly into the throat. The soothing qualities of honey combined with the anti-inflammatory action of Propolis, calm the cough and quell a sore throat caused by colds and the flu.  Individuals with hoarseness, chronic cough, gingivitis, canker sores and bad breath, ailments aggravated by cigarette smoking, can also benefit from the use of Propolis Silver Spray. Packaged in spray-capped bottles, the product may be easily carried in a bag and used anywhere at any time. For bad colds and severe flu, Wax-Free Black 60 or Wax-Free Gold 70 should be taken orally along with the use of Silver Spray. In the last two years Green Wax has invested in laboratory research to improve the formula in order to make Propolis Silver Spray even more efficient in the promotion of oral health.

Suggested Use:

Adults and children: spray throat 3-6 times a day and before bedtime.

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