Propolis GOLD Line

Wax Green is delighted to present the Gold Line, a series of products made with the best Extra Green Propolis produced in Brazil. The Gold Line was created especially for exportation, in order to assure our customers that no product in this series will be sold in the Brazilian domestic market. To this end, new packages have been created with an exclusive and patented design. All measures have been taken to prevent illegal trade of Wax Green products outside Brazil.

But what really distinguishes the Gold Line is the excellence of the Propolis used in its formulation. According to researchers at the University of Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China (2014), Propolis produced in tropical regions of Brazil contains higher concentrations of Artepillin-C, a cinnamic acid derivative, bioactive substance capable of inhibiting the proliferation of tumor cells. The great potential of the Extra Green Propolis is in Artepillin-C, researchers say. This Propolis is produced in southwestern Brazil, where the predominant plant in the region is the wild rosemary, Baccharis dracunculifolia. Another abundant active compound in Propolis is Flavonoids which have powerful action against bacteria and free radicals. Propolis contains Flavonoids in exponential quantities, dozens of times higher than any vegetable according to Dr. Yong Park, a researcher at Unicamp – University of Campinas, São Paulo, considered the foremost authority on Propolis in the world. Comprised of over 200 substances with biological and physiological activity, Propolis is a unique natural product with antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory activity; perhaps the most powerful natural remedy and a major source of combined antioxidants Nature offers us.

During the last two years Wax Green has developed new formulas with Extra Green Propolis aiming at improving the Gold Line products. We have increased Artepillin-C by 9% (No. 59 Gold 70). Our sole purpose is to ensure our customers’ trust, safety and satisfaction.

WARNING: Propolis should not replace under no circumstances, the medication prescribed by your doctor. DO NOT interrupt the treatment prescribed by your doctor while using Propolis. If any allergic reaction appears, discontinue use immediately.



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