Product analysis

Twelve years ago WAX GREEN appeared in the market with a new proposal: INOVATION! We revolutionized the national and international propolis markets in 2000 as we launched the highest quality products with impeccable packaging presentation.

A few years later, our products were copied by competitors who tried to recover the marketing share they had lost for WAX GREEN. Packaging, catalogues texts and products were copied with poor quality. Our response to this piracy was the creation of safety devices that allow our customers to check for genuine products.

But the market responded accordingly! WAX GREEN has increased sales throughout these last years, for quality and reliability cannot be copied! Our products rank high in terms of quality and client satisfaction, and was chosen as one of the best bee product brands in Brazil.

We validate these information by attaching an analysis report performed at a government accredited laboratory of our propolis gel capsules  as well as the accreditation documents of this product at ANVISA.

We keep striving for perfection highly expressed in our slogan: “EXCELLENT BY NATURE”.


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